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personal training studio millersvile, md

ADAPT Fitness Studio 

When founder, Ben Jenkins started working in the fitness industry he immediately realized two things; first, he wanted to help his clients change their lives and second, he realized his passion for doing so. 


He always felt that with motivation, dedication, and education all of his clients could achieve their goals. As his clients began their life changing journey, he strived to provide support, motivation, and to make sure that each client enjoyed every step along the way.

Ben always had a passion for sports and training for sports performance. He identified that the majority of the principles used on his most elite athletes were applicable to everyone, this crossed age, gender and sport. He wanted to provide an elite training resource for everyone, from the elite or aspiring athlete to the corporate executive. This is when ADAPT Fitness Studio was created.  



Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, scientifically based program and the motivation to help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Whether you are competing at a professional level or trying to win at the game of life, ADAPT Fitness Studio believes that everyone is an athlete and everyone deserves to train like a pro.

We provide a variety of services, including private personal training, semi-private training, online training and hybrid training, utilizing in person and online programming.  We are currently expanding to provide coach's clinics and fitness retreats. 

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Our 3,000 square foot studio is designed to ideally service clients in a fully private setting, eliminating all distractions and to focus on results.  

However, our studio is spacious enough to easily accommodate multiple participants at once in a semi-private format, bringing comradery, motivation, and support. 

We have some of the top brands in the industry including pûrmotion, TRX, Rogue and Vulcan to name a few. We have a private changing room with a refresh station, reserved parking and other amenities. 

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