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ADAPT Fitness Studio is dedicated to helping each individual client achieve their personal goals. We have a variety of options to choose from to meet the needs of each participant on a case by case scenario. Our structure is designed to appeal to client who is looking for education, and over all improvement in sports performance, fitness, strength, mobility, agility and longevity, which is the only type of client ADAPT Fitness Studio is willing to accept.  If you're interested, but have more questions, please contact us by email at with some information about yourself and your fitness goals. 

Private Training

Imagine the progress you'll make with ADAPT Fitness Studio as your personal strength and conditioning coach! During your session you will have full access to the ADAPT studio with no distractions so that we can focus on results. All of our private training begins with a thorough fitness assessment to gather the necessary information to create your individualized fitness plan and to set fitness goals. Schedule your assessment today!

Semi-Private Training

Our semi-private format brings comradery, motivation, and support by having other participants training at the same time with similar goals. During your session each participant will have full access to the ADAPT Studio. Each participant will still begin with a thorough fitness assessment to gather the necessary information and to set fitness goals. 

Online Personal Training

We know that getting to our facility is not realistic for all clients who wish to train under our guidance. With our online training, our clients can be held accountable for times that they are not with us in person. You will have access to a professional, custom workout with personal supervision. We will begin the process with either an in person fitness assessment or we can conduct this over the phone or with FaceTime. Regardless of the equipment you have access to, we will make you a custom program to help you conquer your goals.


Hybrid Training  

Our Hybrid Training program combines both in-person training (private or semi-private) with our online guidance. This is a great option for many of our clients. This is also a great option for teams, group challenges, or those unable to coordinate multiple sessions a week (or month). 

**Coaches- full team pricing is available upon request as well as on site workshops to teach the staff, the players or a                 combination. Ask how an on site workshop can also be used as a fundrasier for your team!

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