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Running Down Stairs
How good would it feel to finally have the results you want and 
never stress about what to eat or how to exercise again?
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ADAPT Fitness Coaching
the most complete fitness and nutrition coaching program available online
  • A coach in your corner, that teaches you how to overcome the biggest obstacles to your success.

  • A customized plan that helps you achieve your goals and adjusts with your schedule. 

  • Peace of mind that you're doing the right things to get the best results. 

With ADAPT Fitness Coaching, we remove all of the guesswork and build you a customized program that just works- no matter your schedule, preferences, or experience. 
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You are the focus. 

Unlike many coaching services, our fitness and nutrition programs are customized to your schedule, your preferences, and your level of experience. You interact with your coaches every week. No one-size-fits-all templates. Everything is customized specifically for you. 

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Take the stress out of

fitness and nutrition.

No more worrying about what to eat, how to exercise, or what do next. Your only job is to show upend follow the plan. Confused? Ask questions and we'll simplify. Leave all the details to us and get on with the rest of your day. 

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Designed for real life.

Want to have ice cream in your diet? We'll make it happen. Love micro-brews or Italian wines? We won't deprive you of the stuff you love. Instead of crazy- strict dieting rules, we'll work together create a simple plan that gets results- without making you miss the things that you enjoy. 

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Coaches that Care.

ADAPT Fitness Coaching is a family. We will be here to celebrate your major accomplishments and we will be here to listen to challenges and setbacks, while working to find a way to resolve them. It's an honor to be a part of your fitness journey, and we want you to feel supported in every way. 

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Adjusts to your schedule 

and preferences.

Going on vacation? No problem. Traveling for work? We'll help you out. Want to skip the gym and exercise at home? You got it. No matter what you have going on in your life, we'll adjust your plan so you can stay consistent and continue getting great results. 

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Built for results that don't disappear​.

Instead of quick fixes that don't last, we play the long game and require a 3-month minimum commitment (of course you can stay as long as you want). Why? Because after years of training we have found that it takes at least this amount of time to start achieving your goals. We know you are here for accountability, and that is part of it. We want you to get great results now, that you can keep for the rest of your life.

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Results driven training.

Your success is our success. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, even if they have been unattainable in the past. If you invest in us, we invest in your success. 

ADAPT Fitness Coaching App

With ADAPT Fitness Coaching, all the information you need for success is right at your fingertips within our app.


From this one location you can view and track your workouts. Unsure of how to perform an exercise? Watch a demo video without leaving the tracking screen. Need to chat with your trainer? Use the messenger feature where you can text, send photos/ files and video chat. The goal is to keep you better connected with your trainer, so you never feel lost along the way. Meal plans and meal tracking, daily goals and so much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What's different about ADAPT Fitness Coaching? 

Many online coaching services (and many fitness experts) use generic exercise and diet templates. That means the same program for everyone—regardless of age, experience, or goals. 

But withADAPT Fitness Coaching everything from the nutrition plan to the exercise program is customized to our clients’ schedule, lifestyle, and personal preferences. That level of personalization is why we only take a limited number of clients every year.

What if I'm a complete beginner? 

We love beginners! Our goal is to help you become 100% confident with exercise and nutrition—without needing to think about it all the time. No matter your goal, we’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re always following the right plan for your goals.

What if I'm more advanced? 

We’ve worked with many intermediate and advanced clients, too. Some of them come to us with years of experience, but are tired of doing the same routine. Other people “know what to do” when it comes to exercise and nutrition—but they struggle to do it consistently. We’ll help you get back on track, get better results, and teach you some new things along the way.

What's the time commitment? 

Because your nutrition and exercise program are customized for you and your lifestyle, the time commitment is totally dependent on your goals and schedule. If you want to exercise four days a week, we’ll make it happen. If you can only exercise once per week, we’ll take care of you. Coaching is an ongoing process and it adapts with your life. Once you’re in ADAPT Fitness Coaching, you’ll work directly with your coach to get the best plan for your body and your schedule.

Can you work around injuries? 

Yes. Lots of people come to us with annoying shoulder, knee, or lower back issues (among other things). We’ll not only help you “work around it”, we’ll also give you ways to improve whatever issue you’re dealing with. And if we determine you’d be better off getting medical help for your injury, we’ll make sure to help you the best we can with that as well.

How customized is ADAPT Fitness Coaching?

Let’s put it this way: If you only want to eat a plant-based diet, we’ll help you do that. If you want to eat Paleo, that’s what we’ll give you. If you don’t know what you want to eat, we’ll work with you to decide which plan is right for you—and then give you everything you need to be successful. 

If you have a big event coming up, we’ll help you get prepared. If you go on vacation, we’ll write you a hotel-room workout (or maybe even suggest you take the week off and enjoy yourself). If you have a shoulder injury, we’ll give you exercises to help it get better. If you want to lose weight the first few months and then add muscle the next few months, we’ll help you do that. 

You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll help you do it. In other words: It’s very customized.

When can I expect to see results?

When you will see results is completely personal. It depends on your goals, your current lifestyle, and how much work we need to do together. 

We’re invested in your success and want to help you over both the short and the long run. That means results that last. So while we’d love to be able to give you a specific answer, here’s what we can say with absolute confidence:

If you follow your coaches suggestions to the best of your ability, you WILL get results with ADAPT Fitness Coaching. 

How often will I hear from or interact with my coach?

Every week you’ll have an opportunity to schedule a check in call to ask questions, get feedback, tell your coach about upcoming challenges you’re anticipating, and ask for any modifications you need. For some clients they prefer to do this with an email or in our messenger platform on the app. 

Every week, your coach will give you an in-depth response, helping you anticipate barriers, and overcome them proactively.

If you don’t have any questions, no problem. Your coach will review what you’ve done and give you feedback and next steps. 

We’ve found this system works better than anything else we’ve seen or tried, because it creates a team environment where you don’t just do what your told with one way communication. 

How much does ADAPT Fitness Coaching cost? 

ADAPT Fitness Coaching typically costs $175 per month, but for The Natural Path clients, you get all this for $75!!. This covers everything you need to get in better shape: your personal exercise program, your personal diet plan, and weekly coach interaction -- whenever you need it, and consistent updates to your program.

Remember: We don’t do generic plans at ADAPT Fitness. Instead, everything is completely customized for your body, your preferences, and your schedule. This attention to quality and personalization is how we’ve been able to help countless people get the body they want.

How long does ADAPT Fitness Coaching last? 

In order to get the best results possible, we have a 3-month minimum commitment. Remember, we’re playing the long-game here. After the first three months, we’ll continue to coach you for as long as you want. Our clients come to enjoy having someone they trust write their exercise and nutrition programs, so the vast majority stay on for a full year—with many of them sticking around for much longer!

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