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everyone is an athlete


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Wherever you are on your fitness journey...

we can partner with you to commit to your goals.

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Athletic Development
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Adult Fitness
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Fitness Retreats

ADAPT Fitness Studio

When founder, Ben Jenkins started working in the fitness industry he immediately realized two things; first, he wanted to help his clients change their lives and second, he realized his passion for doing so. 


He always felt that with motivation, dedication, and education all of his clients could achieve their goals. As his clients began their life changing journey, he strived to provide support, motivation, and to make sure that each client enjoyed every step along the way.  

sports performance training, speed training, personal training, fitness

I always had an excuse for not taking care of myself. I had tried every "fad" diet and was sick of always being tired and not having the energy to play with my kids. It was enough to motivate me to try something new. I began this journey with a goal of getting healthier and ended up with more than that. After 12 weeks I had lost 25 lbs and was on my way toward all of my goals. My life has totally changed because of this program! ~Karen W. Senior Director, NEA

After training with Ben at ADAPT Fitness Studio, I couldn't have been happier with my results. I was very nervous when I decided to move to Denver and would no longer be able to do traditional "in person" training. After enrolling in the online program, my training did not miss a beat. I have continued to reach all of my goals and am looking forward to each workout as I prepare for my next Spartan Race. ~Erica C. Founder of Sirens & Sparrows

With a full time (and physically demanding) job as well as being in the Army National Guard, my fitness level is a crucial part of my life. Ben at ADAPT Fitness Studio has been great at not only helping me stay in great shape, he has been awesome at keeping me on point while providing challenging and effective programing to me whether at home or deployed overseas regardless of the equipment I have access to. ~Sgt. Ian J. WVARNG/ Air Evac Lifeteam

The meaning of life is not to simply exist or to survive but

 to move ahead, to go up, to  


-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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